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Since 1979

A reliable partner for the development of ceramic surfaces.

Over 40 years of history, commitment and passion have led DEF to develop continuously evolving know-how to best face the challenges of the future.

Continuous growth to maintain our position: the surfaces makers.


the surface makers

We specialize in the production of

materials and semi-finished products for the ceramic industry


Creating synergies with customers and suppliers to achieve increasingly ambitious goals: the success of our partners is our mission.


Pioneers of the MATTER

We offer innovative materials aimed at fully satisfying the production needs and new challenges that the market offers.

Emblematic was the launch of the series Glaze no Glaze, ultra-refined grit finishes for surfaces with an unrivaled aesthetic and technical impact.


In an energy-intensive sector such as ceramics, a careful approach to environmental issues and environmental protection is fundamental.

Def has been committed to this for years thanks to the introduction aimed at the optimization of every single production step as well as the research of low cost materials with reduced environmental impact.


With increasingly digitalized production lines, we are constantly working to be ready for this new challenge, directing our attention towards materials that can fully exploit the potential of new technologies.

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