The Doni family, of Florentine-Tuscan origin, have the majority sharehol- ding of DEF, and set off along the road of the ceramic tile industry in 1946, under the guidance of Ranieri Doni.
In 1970, he established the Colori cio Doni Spa, based in Conselice, whi-ch, in 1976 was sold to an English multi-national.

In 1979 Ranieri, together with his son Roberto, founded DEF di R. Doni Spa...

The production of Def glazes and engobes begins with a strict series of controls on the input raw materials to ensure...

The Def range of grits was created speci cally to enrich every product with technical, textured effects...

The Digital Def series is a range of inks and digital materials entirely made in Italy...

Glaze microspheres devised speci cally for dry decoration, which are body-coloured to avoid...

Def has always paid attention to market trends, and it offers a range of spray-dried products for double charging...



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