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The production of Def glazes and engobes begins with a strict series of controls on the input raw materials to ensure technically valid products that are constant over time.

Compounding takes place in a fully-automatic plant which makes it possible to avoid weighing errors.

The extensive range of Def glazes and engobes allows customers to achieve the most varied surfaces to obtain the best technical and styling results.

Acid attack tests and dilatometry tests are conducted on every finished product.

The products are delivered in compounds, ground liquids or ground powders.

Strict checks, automatic bagging and timely deliveries are keyfactors of Def’s everyday activities.


Products for technical gres and glazed gres


Glazes for monoporosa and double firing




Liquid glazes, engobes and smaltobbio


Crystaline transparent glazes for double firing, mono firing and gres

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