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The Def range of grits was created specifically to enrich every product with technical, textured effects. Owing to their versatility, several different surfaces can be achieved (extra-thick stoneware for outdoor application, top-lapped stoneware, fully-polished glossy slabs, monoporosa with special effects...) ensuring outstanding performance levels and notable colour formation.

All the grits are available in five grain sizes for use with all application technologies (Dry-fix, Airless, Grit applicator).

Y1 0,05-0,15, Y 0,1-0,14, K 0,14-0,3, N 0,1-0,25, Q 0,14-0,4.

Packaging can be in 25 kg bags or big bags of 500/1000kg.


Technical grits


Grits for special effects


Lappable grits

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